Sure Stripe 3350SP

Sure Stripe 3350SP

Description: The Sure Stripe 3350 SP is a self propelled striper with an on-board electric motor that propels the striper for you. Control the speed manually or set a fixed speed to obtain a constant line thickness.

Small to medium size striping jobs



Front swivel wheel for maximum maneuverability
Move spray gun assembly in seconds without tools, left and right, front and back
Vanguard engine provides unmatched power
Electronic pressure control provides excellent line quality
Extra large manifold filer prevents clogging
Large bucket holder has room for oversized 15-gallon paint hopper
Pro-Duty pump with chrome piston rod and hardened cylinder
Exclusive externally adjustable packings
Independent electric self propel system
On-board 12V battery, recharging via Vanguard engine
Adjustable speed forward driving, single button activation
"Cruise-control" allows you to set a fixed speed while spraying

Μanufacturer: Airlessco

Available on request


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